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This article lists the best free online text encryption services available. With the revelations of the prevalent and persistent spying of government agencies and foreign entities, privacy, security and encryption has become ever more important. Whether it is WikiLeaks, Edward Snowden or others giving the world revelations on the magnitude and scope of the infiltration into our everyday devices and online services by these criminals posing as good samaritans, people now know they need to protect themselves. One solution for people to help keep some level of privacy is through the use of encryption services.

Text encryption services let you input text into their secure web platform, and they output an encrypted version of the document, generally with a password. If you'd like to send an email or a message, or even just store a message on a memory stick or on your hard drive, encrypting it with a strong modern encryption algorithm like AES with one of these services can help give you peace of mind and keep the data thefts at bay. Some of these encryption tools let you choose from an abundance of algorithms and output your encrypted text with strong lengthy passwords. Others seem to use the same password for all text that is encrypted, allowing anyone to decrypt text that has been encrypted from that site - this is not nearly as secure. Ideally the website would be using a secure connection over https protocols as well for their encrypting to be less likely to be intercepted in the process.

List of best free online encryption tools encryptfree free online encryption service

This service uses a single encryption algorithm rather than giving a choice, however, AES 256-bit encryption is the industry standard encryption that even government's use to secure top secret info. A benefit of this service is that it uses https, which means it has an SSL certificate and the data transferred to and from the server is more secure than an http website. It also allows you to decrypt text if you have the password that was used to encrypt. AppIncredible free online encryption service

This service allows you to choose from about 30 different algorithms to encrypt or decrypt your text. It uses a double password system. The first is a password key, the second is technically a seed value. The default encryption algorithm is AES-256-CBC. You can also decrypt text if you know the algorithm that was used and the passwords. The site however doesn't seem to be using https protocol. tools4noobs free online encryption service

This service Let's you choose from multiple encryption algorithms, it uses a single key/password with the encrypted text and also has a sister decrypt tool that goes with it. This site also uses standard http protocol which may be lacking for security purposes.

Other free online encryption services

Last Updated: July 23, 2014

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