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The best free online music mixing and virtual DJ websites

Last Updated: June 15, 2019

If you really want to get your party hopping with music, you should try mixing music on the fly with online DJ mixing turntables. You can do it for free with several websites out there; it's fun and you will look pretty cool too. We've picked out the best no-download-required sites (you may need to enable flash in your browser for some), and waded through a ton of lame sketchy sites to find the best. So you don't have to worry about complicated downloads or set-ups, just open the website and go.

So check out these free DJ mixing tools below and if you know of a good DJ mixing site that should be added, let everyone know in the comments and we'll add the best ones to the article.


you dj free online dj mixing music

You DJ is a DJ mixing website that features million songs to mix by incorporating SoundCloud and YouTube, and seems to be based off of technology by http://iwebdj.com. It's extremely easy to jump into mixing and the site looks great. You can immediately start playing awesome songs with great bass and quality. Perfect party music, the site includes the genres: Dance/Edm, House/Electro, Dubstep, Deep/Chill, Trance, DnB, Hiphop, Trap, Techno, Pop, Rock, Latino, Sexy. You can easily "sync" two tracks to align their RPM's. You can also loop, mix and slice. There is also a Record feature, all sorts of settings you can adjust, and you can chat with other active djs. Check it out and rock your party with on-the-fly DJ mixing right from your browser!

More free online virtual DJ turntables

Try mixing music with these other virtual DJ turntables. No download is required for any of these. Check them out and see which is best for you. Each has their own unique features.

YouTube DJ

youtube dj free virtual dj turntables

YouTube DJ, as its name suggests, lets you mix music from YouTube. You will also see the videos playing embedded in the mixer. Has features like looping in and out, shortcut keys, its possible to create a pretty cool mix. One of the best features is the popular shared mash-ups available from other DJS that are ready to go and give you ideas.

Until AM

until am free virtual dj turntables

The main benefit of Until AM is that it allows you to upload your own music to mix. They only provide a limited selection of demo music to use. A very simple website, watch the CD's spin as they play. Very easy to use effects/filter feature that lets you easy add any combination of Echo, Delay and Reverb to either or both songs. Definitely check this online mixing website out if you want a more basic experience or want to use your own music library.

One Motion

one motion free virtual dj mixing
A pretty cool virtual turntable that lets you virtually scratch the song you’re playing and do a handful of other effects. You have to upload your own mp3 into this turntable, other than the one default tune that comes preloaded. Add Cutoff, Echo, Distance, Speed and Effects to your track.

Why mix music online with Virtual DJ Turntables?

Liven up the party and rock your guests with an amazing DJ experience! Let them try mixing, it's really not hard to make something that sounds amazing, and it's fun. Use the virtual turntables to mix a couple great dance songs together, or upload your own music to mix. Most of the free DJ tools provide you with sounds, beats and music from their own library and from cool places like SoundCloud and YouTube.

Which mixer do you like best? Did we miss a great DJ mixing site? Let us know in the comments.

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