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List of best places to listen to radio online streamed from around the world.

Listen to online radio for free using your computer, Android smartphone or iPhone. We've compiled a list of the best free streaming radio stations and music portals. You do not need a physical radio to tune into your local am or fm stations! You can choose your station, or your favourite genre of music, artists or songs and listen to online radio for free. You can tune into almost any station from around the world, or just stream a custom station to your computer or portable device. This article will provide you a list of all the best online radio station databases, portals, and free streaming music websites, to listen to from around the world. Check it out!

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Listen to online radio using your Computer
Listen to online radio using your Android smartphone
Listen to online radio using your iPhone
Listening to radio online - An Internet Wonder!

Listen to online radio using your Computer

This is a list of all the best free music streaming websites/custom radio sites.

Listen to streaming music immediately, discover music by genre, playlist or type in an artist or song you already like to find similar artists. Try them all:

Stumble Audio
The Sixtyone

Radio Station Directories/Guides/Portals/Databases:

Thousands of radio stations browseable and searchable by genre and sub genre, including: Alternative Rock, Alternative Rock, Avantgarde, Darkwave, Emo, Goth Rock, Grunge, Indie Rock, Lo-Fi, Noise, Oi, Post Rock, Psychobilly, Punk, Ska, Stoner Rock, Blues, Chilled, Classical, Country & Folk, Dance, Electronica, Funk & Soul, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Rap & Hip Hop, Reggae & Dub, Rock, Other.

Canadian Web Radio
Lists all Canadian radio stations by province that offer their radio to be streamed online.

Windows Media Internet Radio
A portal to internet radio stations offering a huge quantity of stations listed, including "editor's picks" that may stand out over others so you can to listen to online radio.

AOL Music
Focused on internet radio stations, this is AOL's portal, offering stations by genre, also searchable by artist and song. Big database of stations.

Very interesting website, offering thousands of world-wide radio stations, browseable by Country, Genre and language. Browse top rated stations and new stations, or search for online radio by keywords in their description. Great directory of international radio stations.

Focusing on letting you search for specific radio stations, or radio by city, country and genre. Good directory of world wide radio.

Radio Station World
Focuses on a simple system of browsing by country, province/state, city for national and local radio stations. A very thorough directory to listen to radio online from around the globe.

Mikes Radio World
A simple, clean directory or radio stations to listen to online from Canada, United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand. Browse each country's radio stations by genre.

Radio Guide
Uniquely offers the logo graphic for each radio station in a grid. Will direct you to your country's radio stations, but you can browse other countries and by genre. Decent place to go if you like to choose music based on station logos I suppose.

SHOUTcast radio Directory
A quality radio station directory, clean and simple, put together by the creators of WinAmp - Nullsoft. Featured radio stations, top internet radio stations, searchable by genre. Sortable by the number of listeners, bitrate, and type of music file being played (mp3, AAC+, etc.). Interesting features but seems to lack the quantity of stations and international stations.

Another portal of radio stations to listen to online radio for free. Allows you to choose your player to listen to the music with, shows number of listeners, the bitrate, countries people are listening from. See popular stations.

TuneIn Radio
Popular streaming online radio website and offers an app for your smartphones. Browse Local, Talk, Music, and Sports radio stations by most popular and by genre as well, or check out their featured stations.

Listen to online radio using your Android device

These are three very popular android apps to listen to music online for free:
Slacker Radio
TuneIn Radio
Deezer Radio

Browse more of the most popular radio related apps at the official Google Play website:
Browse more free popular Android radio apps

Listen to online radio using your iPhone

List of most popular free iPhone apps to listen to radio online

Listening to radio online - An Internet wonder!

There are so many options to listen to online radio and music streaming for free. Our choices for music are exploding around us. The world of music is more available to us than ever before. Listen to all the music you want for free on internet radio stations and internet streaming radio. Or tune into local stations from around the world and stream it directly to your computer, Android smartphone or iPhone devices.

We've tried to provide a comprehensive list of the best sites to find radio stations from around the world, and the best streaming internet radio stations to listen to music immediately. If you feel there is a great online streaming service, website or app out there that deserves to be listed here, let us know in the comments! We are always looking to improve and update our articles.

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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