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List of best free open source graphics editors online

When it comes to finding a free graphics editor solution, many legal free software solutions are available on the internet. Developers work together to produce Open Source software. Often as alternatives to big brand name software, the open source version can be just what people need or more than they need. There are several free graphics editor Photoshop alternatives available. Read below to discover the most popular open source free graphics editors.

GIMP has to be the most popular and most downloaded Photoshop alternative. As a free graphics editor it offers many of the same capabilities that Photoshop offers. The open source developer community is constantly creating plugins for it, and there are tons of tutorials to help you get passed the learning curve. (There is a bit of a learning curve.) But once you do, you’ll be happy with this free graphics editing software. I use it quite a bit.

Inkscape is a more compact free graphics editor. It is a popular alternative to CorelDraw, Paint, Illustrator, etc. Easier to figure out and with some advanced capabilities, it is excellent for the more novice user looking for professional quality from an open source free graphics editor. Visit the link to read more and download.

Dia Diagram Editor
Dia is an open source graphics editor which focuses on the drawing of diagrams such as flowcharts, network diagrams, database models, 30 different diagram types in total. Designed to help draw professional diagrams, this free software can be used for a variety of personal and professional purposes. Definitely can be very useful and is worth checking out, a pretty popular program. See the link for more information and download.

Greenshot is an interesting niche free graphics editor with its focus on editing screenshots. Very popular with those that require this functionality, such as for creating manuals and tutorials, or presenting anything on your screen to others. Lots of editing features, check it out if you commonly take screenshots. More info and download at link.

Synfig is an “industrial-strength vector-based 2D animation software package". It seems quite popular in the animation world and has some pretty cool screen shots and good reviews. If you’re into animation, or want to try it out, this is the free graphics editor software for you.

Considering photo graphics editing

Long gone are the days of the dark room, manually dodging and burning photographs, and using other complicated techniques that involved a lot of crossing your fingers and hoping. Now you can edit your photos precisely every time, if you make a mistake, you can undo it no problem. Press Ctrl-Z. You can adjust saturation, hue, brightness contrast, add countless filters and affects. With photo editing you can remove wrinkles and blemishes, or remove objects right out of the frame. With photo editing you can brighten shadows, and tone down over-exposed areas of the photgraph, or adjust pretty much anything you put your imagination and efforts to. Photo graphics editing continues to advance with all other technologies and is one of the wonders of technology. Free open source photo editing is truly a wonder of the internet!

Last Updated: December 10, 2013

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